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Dear Collegians, 

We are excited to announce another publication of the Echoes Literary Magazine! This magazine is designed to give students an outlet where they can freely express themselves about significant issues, whether it be through poems, short stories, or artwork. While these past few years have been mentally and physically challenging for everyone, everyone has been able to change and grow through these difficult times. That is why we’ve decided that the theme of this year’s magazine is The Pursuit of Perseverance. This magazine consists of writing and artwork that depict obstacles and perseverance and remind us that we all have a story. Echoes is here to provide students the chance to publish and share those stories for the world and each other to see. These students have channeled their inner artist, poet, songwriter, and have told their stories in a healthy way and we are fortunate to have a chance to celebrate them. Like these students, we encourage you to be bold and inspire others in your everyday life. 

We hope that you take the time to read and enjoy this year’s edition of the magazine! Please feel free to DM us, email us, or contact your friends in the Writing Center with any questions, comments, or feedback. 

Stay Safe and Be Well, 

The Writing Center 

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